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Our Polycutter Versus The Robot

Express Hydro Solutions are constantly finding the most innovative solutions and Hydro-tech is a huge part of this. Hydro technology is the quicker, more cost-effective, safer, and more precise solution to unblocking compared to dry drilling and traditional drain jetting. It is a powerful method that avoids risking the destruction of existing structures and protects the workforce against vibration injuries.  

Express Solutions Group has two ultra-powerful hydro blasting units that help us maintain our position as industry leaders in drainage, these are the Polycutter and the UHP Hydro Cutter (also known as ‘The Robot’). We clear drain blockages and blast concrete waste from drains for; building developers, concrete companies, piling contractors, demolition, and construction companies, private property owners and a multitude of different sectors.  

So, what is the difference between our two machines, why do we use one on some sites and the other on other sites? 

The Polycutter 

Special features: our Polycutter simultaneously drills through rock-hard materials while blasting water at a pressure rate of 2000 PSI. Its dynamic combination of drilling and high-pressure water blasting makes the Polycutter a formidable contender against waste concrete blockages.  

Where it is used: We use this piece of machinery in spaces that have low manoeuvrability. It blasts through small spaces with a huge impact.  

The Robot 

Special features: our state-of-the-art UHP Hydro Cutter has a jetting head with an attached camera and is remotely operated and regulated by our engineers in the control centre vehicle above ground. This means that while we are blasting through drains, the robot is also transmitting live video feeds to our experts who are on hand and ready to analyse the footage while controlling the Robot unit to deal with the situation at hand.  

Where it is used: The Robot is used in out of reach, wider pipes and systems that need exploring and have blockages that can be tackled with 15,000 PSI of water pressure. We have used the robot in several instances where chemical waste is present, and it hasn’t been safe for our engineers to explore the area. For example, when we were removing concrete from the waste pipes of a chemical production plant, we used The Robot, as at times it was too dangerous for our team.  

Our tech solutions
Express Solutions Group are constantly innovating and developing more efficient, more powerful solutions which cause minimal disruption to businesses. 

We were one of the first companies in the UK to use hydro cutting technology on a nationwide basis and are proud to own 2 of the 6 UHP Hydro Cutters that currently exist in the world.  

We don’t plan on stopping there. We are constantly innovating and bringing new tech solutions into the industry. Call us to hear more on 0208-9795444.


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