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How long does the hydro cutting take?

The process of removing the blockage from your drain will vary depending on factors such as the strength, location and extent of the blockage – please consult further with our specialists for an estimate. Generally, hydro cutting dislodges blockages in a third of the time compared to traditional methods.

How do I identify if there is concrete in the drains?

There are a few ways to identify the presence of concrete in the drain. You may notice the pipes have backed up, which can be recognised by gurgling sounds or signs of overflow. However, the most surefire way of identifying concrete in the drains is to feed a CCTV camera down into the pipes to provide recorded evidence – this can be carried out by our professionals on your behalf, using the most advanced technology.

How does hydro cutting compare with traditional drain jetting?

Traditional drain jetting can be a slow, laborious process that runs the risk of drain damage and breakage. In comparison, hydro cutting is a far more advanced, powerful option that dislodges even the toughest blockage in a third of the time compared to traditional methods – this quick resolution saves money on labour and machine hire costs. The advanced hydro jetting is also more precise, meaning that drains stand a better chance of remaining intact through the process.

What areas do you serve?

As this new technology is currently scarce in the UK, we are proud to offer it to locations anywhere in the nation – we will come to you.

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