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Hydro Cutting in Construction

High pressured water jets have been used in the construction industry at increasing rates and increasing pressures for years, first as a method of industrial cleaning, and more recently as a method of cutting through hard materials. Express Solutions Group understands that the industry is always moving forward, and we intend to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Our Hydro solutions are always developing, and we have access to some of the most exclusive technology in the country.

Traditional drain jetting is often riddled with technical challenges. The power and precision of our hydro cutting tools mean that drains can be dislodged of concrete with minimal risk of pipe damage. If a drainage pipe is accidentally hit, it could release tons of concrete into a drainage system, blocking it and impeding its functionality. Thankfully, Express Solutions Group has the answer to bypass these problems. We reduce risk by visiting your site and seeing what is necessary to reduce disruption and carry out works as efficiently as possible. We can also conduct in-depth CCTV surveys to discover the route of any problem.

Our Solutions
Hydro-tech is a huge part of the services that we offer for those who are looking for drainage solutions in construction projects. It is a quicker, more cost-effective, safer, and more precise solution to unblocking compared to dry drilling and traditional drain jetting. It is a powerful method that avoids risking the destruction of existing structures and protects the workforce against vibration injuries.

The Robot 
Our ‘Robot’, is a state-of-the-art UHP Hydro Cutter that blasts at 15,000 PSI and is operated via a computer command centre allowing the engineer total control over the distance, accuracy, and pressure of water beams. It can also feed live data back to the operator allowing adjustments and recommendations for the job in hand to be made in real-time. With this high PSI, it can cut through, calcification and debris in the pipes from your construction site.

The Polycutter
Also in our arsenal is our Polycutter, which simultaneously drills through rock-hard materials while blasting water at a pressure rate of 2000 PSI. Its dynamic combination of drilling and high-pressure water blasting makes the Polycutter a formidable contender against concrete blockages.

Why Choose us
We offer solutions for all sized businesses, including both SMEs and blue-chip multi-site operators. As such we have experience in working on sites of different sizes. We know how to work fast and effectively to deliver solutions that reduce unnecessary work time.

To discover more about our state-of-the-art alternatives to traditional drain jetting, contact our specialists today by giving us a call on 08081964843


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