Concrete Removal From Drains

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Concrete Removal From Drains

Removing concrete from drains can be a difficult process that causes logistical, monetary and time issues – which is never good news for a business.

Hole boring operations may come to a standstill if a drainage pipe is accidentally hit – this error could release tons of concrete into a drainage system, blocking it and impeding its functionality. Traditional drain jetting is costly, time-consuming and often thwart with technical difficulty should the drain break and require replacement. Thankfully, Express Hydro Solutions has the answer to bypass many of these problems.

Concrete Removal From Drains

Our hydro cutting technology is on the forefront of innovation and a new addition to the UK market. The power and precision of our hydro cutting tool means that drains can be dislodged of concrete with minimal risk of pipe damage – which is a common peril of standard techniques.

With hydro cutting, concrete removal occurs within a third of the time compared to drain jetting, saving you both time and money on labour costs. Thanks to our responsive same-day service, we can ensure your concrete blockage isn’t left to harden too long. To ensure maximum convenience and efficiency, we offer same day response wherever you are in the UK.

To discover more about our state-of-the-art alternative to drain jetting, please contact our specialists today.

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Concrete Removal From Drains

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