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Why hydro cutting technology is the way forward

Pioneering hydro cutting services for fast, stress-free drain clearance and repair

Express Hydro Solutions is the leader in hydro cutting services for the commercial sector. As one of the first UK companies to offer this innovative resource, our ground-breaking technology and resources are, quite literally, ground-breaking and changing the way we clear drain blockages and concrete debris and resolve other emergencies fast for building owners, contractors, and organisations.

Whatever your market sector, a blocked drain can stop your operations and building works in their tracks. The process of clearing concrete, metal and other hard materials from a drain network has, until now, been notoriously slow, laborious, and challenging and can even result in broken pipes and the costs associated with replacing them.

Express Hydro Solutions uses pioneering hydro cutting equipment eliminates the need for standard drain jetting techniques and can clear blockages in a third of the time. With incredible power, speed and meticulous precision, our hydro jet methodology is controlled from a robotic command centre to dislodge the toughest materials, quickly and safely, saving you time, money, and stress.

Regardless of your location, overlying infrastructure and drainage network, our modern hydro cutting technology is designed to reduce the risk of further drain damage, ensuring the impact to your operations and inconvenience to your people is minimised.


Why hydro cutting technology is the way forward

Traditional drain clearance methods, such as water jetting, are often time-consuming, labour intensive and vulnerable to consequential damage. Hydro cutting technology changes all that and we’re proud to be one of the UK’s pioneers of this revolutionary system.

The process is simple, yet highly effective:

A powerful water beam is ejected from a high-pressure nozzle, cutting through the toughest of materials, quickly and safely.

  1. A computer command centre gives the operator total control over the distance, accuracy and pressure of the water beam. This incredible precision reduces the risk of drain damage during the process.
  2. Live data is streamed back to the operator, ensuring adjustments can be made with ease in real-time.



A responsive, thorough process that makes light work of blocked drains.



When you experience a blocked drain from hard deposits, calcifications or concrete, you want to know it can be resolved fast to minimise disruption to business and expense. Call Express Hydro Solutions and we’ll get you back on track fast.



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